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Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls (One Dozen)

January 1st, 2013
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Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls (One Dozen)

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls (One Dozen)

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls (One Dozen) is the best golf ball right now. In case that you’re wish to buy top rated golf ball, then this product will be the real answer.

The Titleist Pro V1 represents the coalescence of three of Titleist’s industry leading technologies: large solid core, multi-component construction, and high performance Urethane Elastomer cover technology. Fast initial velocity, lower spin and high launch combine to produce a flatter, less arcing ascent and straight ball flight for exceptional driver and long iron distance. The trajectory profile of the New Titleist Pro V1 generates a steep angle of descent into the green and provides Drop-and-Stop performance on approach shots.

The Titleist Pro V1x delivers very low driver and iron spin combined with very high speed. The result is exceptionally long distance and a straight flight, particularly for the game’s hardest hitters. 

  1. Kevin Woodward // January 1st, 2013 at 8:45 pm
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Best golf ball on the market today, period, November 26, 2005
    Kevin Woodward (Soquel, CA United States) –

    Don’t let anyone tell you that playing with the right equipment doesn’t make a difference in your game, because it does. Getting a set of affordable custom-fit clubs was the key for me in finally getting my index down into single digits … along with a few lessons and some serious work, of course.

    Similarly, the difference between playing a professional ball like the Titleist ProV1 and a low-cost, low-quality alternative adds up to anywhere from 1-2 strokes per round, if not more.

    If playing your absolute best and posting the scores to show for it isn’t worth paying a few extra dollars to you, then fine. But it is to me, even if these days I’m lucky to play once every couple weeks or so.

    The real decision is whether to choose the softer, more forgiving ProV1 or the longer, less workable ProV1x. Both are professional quality … which one is right for you depends on your game and preferences.

    Although I’m past 50 years of age, height and distance have never been a problem. I’ve never been one to rip it 300 yards, but am consistantly in the 250-275 range when I hit it on the screws. Over the years I’ve learned the lesson of the “drive for show, putt for dough” mantra. Course management and short game are the secrets to going low.

    Which is why I prefer the ProV1. It’s plenty long for me, but the real deciding factor is the soft feel off the putter and around the green. It does spin — in fact the first time I played it I spun back and off the green when landing pin high twice on the front nine. So it may take some getting used to at first.

    The ProV1x is a fine ball if you need the extra distance. But after playing the ProV1 it does feel a little on the hard side, especially with the flat stick.

    Look, 90 percent of the pros wouldn’t be playing these balls if they didn’t deliver for them week in and week out, and in various playing conditions. So the next morning you’re handing over the credit card for green fees and a cart, toss a sleeve of both the ProV1 and ProV1x on the counter and judge for yourself.

    What do you have to lose besides a few strokes (and a few extra dollars)?

    Fairways and greens, my friends.

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  2. Long Hitter // January 1st, 2013 at 9:00 pm
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Hands Down – The Best Ball Out There, January 10, 2008
    Long Hitter (Florida) –

    I received a dozen Titleist Pro V1 balls 6 years ago when I won a long drive contest at a driving range in Connecticut….I tried them out and I’ve been with the Pro V1 ever since. The ball has obviously evolved a little bit in the last 6 years, but it keeps getting better and better each time.

    The Pro V1 is long off the tee, but the real feature is the incredibly soft feel and its ability to really bite on the green. Your basic Top Flite or Pinnacle golf ball is built to go straight and far. With that combination, you lose the ability to control the ball on your approach and around the green as balls will often roll off the back – not the case with the Pro V1. It gives you unrivaled control around the greens and the feel is indescribable. This is a great ball for anyone who can put together a solid round!

    The only downside to the Pro V1 is the pricetag – but the it’s worth it to me. If you are the type that puts a lot of balls in the woods or in the water, it might not be the best ball for you. A cheaper Titleist ball that performs well is the Titleist NXT. I also received a sleeve of Callaway Big Bertha balls in the mail as part of a promotional deal…I tried them out and liked them as well. I hope this helps. Please comment if you have any questions.

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  3. scott_from_dallas // January 1st, 2013 at 9:53 pm
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The best ball I’ve hit, February 19, 2005
    scott_from_dallas (Irving, Texas United States) –

    I’m not exactly a scratch golfer, but my equipment is more geared toward a scratch rather than a golfer of the handicap I actually am. That’s because I’m seeking to become scratch, and don’t want to be dependent upon any what I call “crutch” equipment, but want my improvement to be skill based.

    I’ve found the ball, at least for me, is the golfer’s most important piece of equipment. I also chuckle at guys that will drop $400 on a driver, a club they probably can’t hit very well, but will nickle and dime for whatever balls they can get away with buying. Yes, I realize balls have to be replaced much more often than clubs, but saving a few dollars isn’t worth the trouble. And you can buy x-outs and practice Pro-V1 balls that are exactly the same as in the new box, except for cosmetic stuff.

    I started out playing with Top Flight, as those were about the cheapest. They might as well be rocks. I then started experimenting with premium balls in the logo overrun bins. There I found Maxfli Revolution, which are (or were) really good balls. After reading other reviews, I started using Precept Lady (yes, guy’s, that’s right — its a good ball for you), and liked those balls as they were compared to Pro V1. Finally, I tried the Titleist and have no plans on changing until they stop making them. Unless I hit something that I like better.

    The Maxflis had much better spin than the ladys. Now the Titleist balls have better spin and better distance than the lady ball. Not as much spin as the Maxflis, which is helpful around the green, but better for me off the tee and in the fairway.

    Pick up a box of X-outs and try them.

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