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Nike VR Forged Pro Combo Iron Set

January 27th, 2015
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Nike VR Forged Pro Combo Iron Set

Nike VR Forged Pro Combo Iron Set

Nike VR Forged Pro Combo Iron Set is the most wanted golf iron set at this time. If you’re looking for an original golf iron set, then this product would be the best answer.

Nike VR Forged Pro Combo Iron Set

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  1. N. V. Kupatavetin "NVK" // January 27th, 2015 at 7:32 pm
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Staying in my bag until the grooves are gone. Fantastic irons., May 30, 2014
    N. V. Kupatavetin “NVK” (MI, USA) –

    I’m a handicap 8 player (up from 6 since my last review) with long irons being my greatest asset. Since finally upgrading from Ping Eye 2 (for which I owned a 1 and 2 iron) that I played through my teen years, I’ve cycled through a few different sets of clubs including, but not limited to: Nike VR Pro Blade (bought used, wore out grooves), Taylormade MC (older model), Callaway RAZR-X Tour (I still have these, but do not play them much anymore). For reference when dealing with performance, I have a reasonably high driver swing (110-115) and ball (160-165) speeds with medium-slow tempo (I hit Stiff, not X-Stiff). I have a mid-high launch trajectory in general with very high spin for irons (despite my very neutral swing plane – I did not need these clubs adjusted and fit into Ping’s Black-Dot).

    Gorgeous. Absolutely, stunningly gorgeous irons. As a forged set, I don’t believe they are chrome plated, but the shine is beautiful but does not pose much of a glare issue. The face (grooves) have a matte look to them. The top line is very thin, but not quite blade-like. The cavity area has a sort of “metallic powder” look to it, which I find to be attractive. All around, this is a beautiful set to have in your bag that will draw attention (in a positive way) as well as fill you with confidence at address. For those that are concerned, the 4-iron and 3-iron cavity area just *barely* bulges out the back of the iron at address. While I find no issue with this (because I’m paying more attention to the ball and target), some may.

    I won’t factor the grip in too much, because I’m so used to playing corded (and now Golf Pride’s Multicompound) grips that I almost immediately had them changed after a couple of range sessions. This is NOT to say the stock grips were bad. They’re Nike’s branded Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips, except maybe a bit grippier and tackier with very slightly lower texture. If I wasn’t such a snob about my grips, I probably would have enjoyed them very much.

    The first thing a lot of people I play with notice is that the club feels a bit heavy, but in a good way. It immediately gives you the feel that the club is built more for control and consistency than power. I believe Nike lists these as swinging D1-D3, but they feel like they are more to the D3 side. I’ll get more into this later, but the club is very well balanced, feeling a bit head-heavy, and feels like it is a club that rewards swinging confidently, but in control (as it performs).

    Overall Distance:
    These clubs are not for distance seekers. By no means are they short, but they aren’t aimed towards gaining you any yards. My last set that I played for half a season were the Callaway RAZR-X Tours, and I actually saw a drop of between half of a club to a club throughout my set. This may also be in part due to the slightly more traditional lofts (21° instead of 18° or so you will find on more distance or GI sets), and the slightly shorter shafts (maybe a quarter inch). Simply put, these irons were meant for good ball strikers with reasonable power that don’t need any help with distance – Nike didn’t artificially jack up lofts to give you a 2-iron disguised as a 3 and then lower the CG to help counter the lower launch. With my driver swing speed of 110-115 (closer to about 95-100 for a 7-iron), I hit this 7-iron between 160-170 (in calm, warm conditions). All other irons around it shoot right on the money in 10-yard increments. Obviously I can certainly “crank out” a few extra yards or “ease up” a few if I need to, but I’m referencing a comfortable, normal full swing. 3-iron average distance is about 205 for me, with the PW doing 125. Pretty textbook numbers. My RAZR-X Tours were about 10 yards longer across every club.

    Distance Control and Accuracy:
    These irons SHINE in this area. Shot dispersion is fantastic – you can safely attribute erratic shots or direction to yourself. I don’t even begin to blame the club. Time after time, I hit them in the range I expected to. For example, In calm conditions, for a 145 yard shot, I don’t need to even think. That’s a 9-iron, hit comfortably. And time after time, the ball will land no more than 5 yards off of that distance in either direction (short or long). Even mishits (will be covered in forgiveness) were reasonably valiant in attempting to go to target distance (I found slightly off-center hits to be about 5 yards shorter than what I otherwise expect). In terms of left/right direction, make no mistake: struck well, these irons turn the balls into target-seeking missiles (not necessarily the pin if that wasn’t what you were aiming at).

    Let’s face it – no club will magically cure your shank, or mysteriously make your slice disappear – that’s all mental. Sure, it may provide you with…

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