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Cstar Golf-Scope 7×17 Monocular

November 14th, 2014
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Cstar Golf-Scope 7×17 Monocular

Cstar Golf-Scope 7x17 Monocular

Cstar Golf-Scope 7×17 Monocular is the best golf tees right now. Whenever you’re looking for good golf tees, we suggest this golf tees is the best choice.

Cstar’s 7 Power Innovative Golf Scope allows you to get 7 times closer to the Green and even measure the distances up to 200 yards to the tee! You can wear it on your belt or attach it to your golfbag. Cstar’s CG-717 features a Optically Engineered Lens system and gives a bright and sharp image with NO blurry edges around the viewing area. Our CG-717 is made to last for years. Compact and Light weight, the CG-717 is great for golfing enthusists.The nylon carrying case comes with three golf tees and four golf balls. The CG-717’s Special Nylon Bag design allows balls to be removed from either the top of the bag or from the bottom of the bag. Cstar’s CG-717 brings the green seven times closer. The square shape design allows for you to lay this

Besides of affordable price, this product is also equipped with many attractive features. This product of course will complement your living necessities.

  • Bring the greens seven times closer
  • Easy, one-hand operation
  • Attaches to a belt or can be worn around the neck
  • Nylon bag holds the golf scope, four balls, and three tees
  • Brings green seven times closer.

We have try to present and spent lots of time to get the most profitable offer for you. Whenever you have any doubts, you could find out what they say about this product.

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  1. Jonathan T. Hsiung "Jon" // November 14th, 2014 at 11:24 am
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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Rangefinder? Not your last. Otherwise? Not bad., September 9, 2008
    Jonathan T. Hsiung “Jon” (Los Angeles, CA) –

    This review is from: Cstar Golf-Scope 7×17 Monocular (Electronics)
    In terms of being a rangefinder, it does its job. Accurate enough for what it is and marginally good for the amount you pay for it. You hold it sideways (the focus switch facing your left eye) and it has 50-200 yards on the left and 50-200 meters to your right.

    The shape and weight is great. It’s smaller than most monoculars and is made of lightweight plastic. Unfortunately, just as so, it feels like a plastic toy from China. The optics are good and the focus speed and accuracy are decent, however, it still feels like it adjusts like a toy. Unfortunately, like other similar products of its kind, you have to estimate where the flag ends if it is on a higher elevation than you (and can’t see the base).

    If you’re not too old, the shakiness may be bearable. BIG TIP: It is best stabilized held up to your eye, with your thumb-index webbing securely cupping your eye socket and the device held by your last three fingers, leaving some space between your eye and the monocular. Use your other hand to adjust focus and stabilize the far end. It would be difficult to adjust focus one-handed but not impossible. If you’re older, 7x might be too much so look into a 5x magnification device. I don’t know what you’d do if you have glasses, because, well, I have perfect vision. Contacts should be fine, theoretically.

    For me, it works fine for now until I can justify purchasing a laser-shooting, picture-taking, ball-scratching monocular. It’s not the best product, possibly not even the best in its class, but it works and it’s a good value. Oh and the ball bag is innovative, but the velcro quality is poor.


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